Professional features of "Graalino-Pro":

- Stable profits on ANY major or cross currency pair, commodity, metal, CFD share, index etc.
- Consistent results over long periods, with optimized parameters.
- Typical profitability is 0.5% ... 1.0% per month per each currency pair (with risk set to 1.5%).
Diversification on 30+ pairs provides trading with the resulting total profitability of 1...5% per month.
- Typical drawdown is 3%...7% on each currency pair.
- Typical equity drawdown is 8%...10% while trading on 30+ currency pairs at the same time.
- Typical maximal equity drawdown is 12% on 30+ pairs.
- Expert software usually makes 1-2 trades/per month on average.
- Optimal timeframes are: M240(H4), M60(H1). No limitation on any other timeframes.

- Now suitable also for day-trading on M1 timeframe, since version 2.21.

- It uses a professional money-management: size of position to open is 1...2% of equity or
- Position's size is never increased.
- It opens only one long or one short market position per each financial instrument.
- Stop-Loss is always set, usually around 1.0...2.0% of the price.


This software is able to use CUDA technology on video card GPU for acceleration of numeric calculations.

"Graalino-Pro" is the world's first MT4 trading software, which is directly using CUDA, and is one of only 5-7 commercially available financial applications in the world, which are directly using CUDA.

Free copy of Graalino-Pro for MetaTrader 4: CodeBase:

My free, Public Doman library for MetaTrader 4, called "OBz Trading Functions Library" -